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key management staff

Mr. Ian Morrison

Mr Ian Morrison has been in the chimney industry for more than 40 years. His experience covers new build chimney construction, demolition, maintenance, repair and inspection involving over 85 different chimney stacks throughout the world. New build experience covers the construction of 18 chimneys and 15 silos with heights up to 250m and diameters over 40m.
Mr. Eddie Williams
Managing Director

Mr Eddie Williams is a Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer with over 20 years in the construction Industry. His experience covers project management, site engineering and technical design covering industrial structures, buildings, infrastructure development, petrochemical, water and waste water treatment, marine and road works.

Mr. Peter Green
Projects Director

Peter holds a BSc in Engineering and has more than 24 years of construction related working experience which includes 12 years in project management and 10 years in site management and engineering works. His expertise includes commercial and infrastructure projects in Nigeria, Romania, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. He had also worked for 2 years as Construction Manager, responsible for the elevated road and train system in Thailand

Mr. Kevin Smith
Regional Operations Manager

Kevin holds a BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering degree from the University of Abertay.

He worked in our ESP and GSP-6 projects in Thailand as Construction Manager, where he had overall responsibilities for the construction of 2 x 140m high chimneys. He has now moved to Singapore and hold regional responsibilities for the operations management.

Mr. Patrick Paling
Maintenance Manager

Patrick has more than 25 years of experience working in chimney construction, repair and maintenance.

He has worked in the UK, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong in various refineries and power plant projects.

Mr. Flan Maher
Construction Manager

Flan is highly specialized and skilled in this industry with over 36 years experience in structural steelwork, heavy lifting procedures, chimney construction, demolition, maintenance, repair and inspection involving numerous Power Station and Refinery construction projects. He possesses extensive knowledge of heavy lifting operations, welding techniques, slip forming, jump shutter and construction plant and equipment.

Mr. Mike Hendra
Engineering Director

Mike has been involved in the design and construction of over 20 chimneys in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. In addition he has carried out numerous inspections of chimneys at power stations and oil refineries. He has a BSc in Civil Engineering and a MSc in Concrete Structures.

Mr. Palani G
Technical Director

Mr. Palani G. is an International Professional Engineer (Civil and Structural) with over 20 years in the engineering consulting and construction Industry. He has comprehensive Civil / Structural / Geo-technical design experiences in the design of tall buildings, Oil and Gas Industry, Nuclear Power Plants, RC and Steel Chimneys (Height varies from 40m to 300m), silos, domes, Maritime / offshore structures, pipe racks, Underground Structures, TERS and various types of steel and concrete structures including various types of foundations in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Specialist knowledge for designing in areas where environmental and geological conditions such as Earthquake, Typhoon, extremes of temperature, different wave condition and weak ground strata are particularly severe.

He has a B. Engg in Civil Engineering and a M Engg in Structural Engineering. He is a member of various institution of engineers like MASCE, SEI, MIE(I), MIES, American Construction Institute and Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer. He is one of the Director for American Society of Civil Engineers(ASCE), Singapore Section.

Mr. Wieti Kwok
Finance Director

Mr. Wieti Kwok is a Chartered Accountant of Singapore and holds a Master degree in Accounting and Finance. His experience includes financial reporting and analysis, group consolidation, financial resources management, control and planning and design of company’s financial policies, covering Singapore and Southeast Asia region. Mr. Wieti Kwok is also one of the Personal Data Protection officers of the company.

Suriya Veeranathan
Regional HR / Admin Manager

Suriya has more than 30 years of management experience specifically in sales & general administration and human resource management. She holds a BCom degree majoring in HR awarded by Curtin University and MBA from Macquarie University.

As a Regional HR / Admin Manager in BEC, Suriya is responsible for the full scope of HR and admin functions in Singapore with regional HR responsibilities covering the South East region. She is also the Company’s ISO 9001 Management Representative and one of the Company’s Data Protection Officers.

She had written two HR related articles titled “Linking People and the Bottom Line” and “ HR Staff fight their Own SARS War” published in Straits Times Recruit column. She had conducted talks on ‘Preparing for Interviews’ for members of Reach to Recovery, a breast cancer support group under the Singapore Cancer Society.

Kwek Ling Ling
Regional Finance Manager

Ling Ling holds a bachelor degree in Accounting and has more than 15 years working experience in Finance and Accounting. Her experience spans from financial reporting, group consolidated accounts and bank reconciliation for the whole group of BEC in this region. She works closely with the company’s auditor for the company’s and group’s yearly financial audit.

Ling Ling also works closely with Project Team for collating of work progress documents for the purpose of progress claim submissions.

Mr. Rajesh Saravanan
QA/QC Manager

Rajesh holds a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering with AWS - CWI and CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector certificates, and ASNT Level II in Radiography Film Interpretation, Radiography Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing and Penetrant testing certificates. He handled both new built and repair/maintenance works for RC supported and Steel supported Stack and Silos projects throughout Asia for 4 years. He has experience in API & ASME Tank construction, Jetty constructions, Piping, Structure, Welding and NDE for Oil and Gas sectors for 9 years. He holds membership in AWS and SWS.

Mr. Victor Teng Wee Teck
Contracts Manager

Victor holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree with First Class Honours. His experience covers project management, site engineering including slipform and heavy lifting operations as well as technical design on water recticuration systems.

Mr. Winco Ho
Safety Manager

Winco holds an MSc degree in safety and environmental management from the University of Portsmouth . He is a Registered Safety Auditor in HK and a Registered Safety Practitioner in HK, Singapore and UK .

He has over 17 years of extensive experience in implementing safety management system and auditing across Asia , including 3 years of corporation safety. Prior migrating to Singapore , he was a Senior Safety Officer in Asia's largest casino project in Macau .

Winco holds true and firm to the commitment of providing health and safety.

Updated on: 5 Dec 2017

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