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Flare Stack Works


BEC offers a complete maintenance and repair package to all Flare Stacks.

We tailor packages to suit shutdown schedules that ensure minimal disruption to operations.

We produce innovative and effective solutions that will dramatically reduce your shutdown time.

Works that we have performed include replacement of flare tip, tension checks, greasing and inspection of guy ropes, etc.

Services Offered    
Painting and Upgrading of Absorber Tank Painting and Upgrading of Absorber Tank Forming Concrete Haunch to Cast Iron Oil
Greasing and Inspecting of the Guy Ropes Tension Meter Installed on Guy Workers Using Temporary Scaffold to Conduct Tension Checks
Retaining Wall Construction Paving Works Epigen Floor Covering
Taking Readings at the Base of the Flare Using Digital Monitor Run by Temporary Power Supply Removal of Old Flare Tip Replacing of New Flare Tip


Updated on: 5 Dec 2017

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