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BEC personnel have performed numerous heavy lifting operations throughout Asia, most notably the lifting of 3No. 310t A36 steel liners with Borosilicate glass block lining from the roof of a 200 metre high chimneys in Malaysia in 2005.

Heavy lifting equipment is used extensively in chimney, tank and silo construction. Roofs, internal steel floors and internal steel liners can all be lifted using the hydraulically actuated heavy lift system.

Heavy lift jacks coupled with load equalizers are used in conjunction with blocking head and steel rope to attach objects and lift them to the desired level.


Installation Sequence

The installation sequence below shows a 30-year old brick-lined chimney which was converted to a steel liner by BEC:

A 30 m long, 4.1 - 4.3m diameter steel liner was installed incorporating stainless steel cladding and aluminium encased insulation.

:: The top 11m of deteriorated concrete
windshield is removed ::
:: An 800t crawler crane lowers
the 70t section to the ground ::

:: The internal brick liner is removed
& replaced with a new steel liner ::
:: The new steel liner is installed ::

BEC has experience using heavy lifting equipment in new build constructions, major repairs and demolition projects.

:: 3x floor lifting inside chimney windshield
- view from ground level ::
:: Roof steelwork being lifted ::
:: Liner lifting - view from above ::
:: Lifting liner through
steel floors ::
:: Liner lifting ::


Updated on: 13 September 2017