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Lining Systems

BEC is capable to installing Borosilicate, Flakeline, Clad Plate, Wallpaper and other lining systems.

To date BEC has successfully installed over 65,000 M2 of Pennguard Borosilicate Lining

borosilicate1 borosilicate
Pennguard lining installed for the whole liner

To view Lining Systems video Click Here (38MB)

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A variety of epoxy based products have provided trusted performance in the mining, construction and general industrial related fields.


Wallpaper Linings

Photos of C276 / Titanium wallpaper linings

wallpaperlining1 wallpaperlining
C276 sheets being positioned prior to seal welding
C276 being placed inside the liner can which is on rollers
Rolled Ti bonded sheets being delivered


Updated on: 5 Dec 2017

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