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Cleaning Operations

Cleaning Operations

Cleaning Operations

BEC has performed numerous cleaning operations to high rise structures.

We have experience in cleaning the internal and external surfaces of chimneys, tanks and silos. Surfaces include concrete windshield, steel and brick liners and cement storage silos.

BEC has the capability to clean the internal diameter of pipelines using the high-pressure water rotor fan system.

BEC is capable of cleaning all types of surfaces using a variety of different techniques.

Manual power brushing, grit blasting and high pressure water blasting can be used in conjunction with our access abilities to reach the most inaccessible locations.

Cleaning Techniques

:: High Pressure Water Blasting ::
:: CSU Water Jetting ::
:: High Pressure Water Cleaning of Internal Steel Liners ::
:: High Pressure Water Cleaning::
:: Internal Pipe Cleaning ::


Tailor Made Cleaning Operations

As with all our projects we will tailor methods, durations and costs to suit your requirements.

Whatever your cleaning needs, please contact us for an assessment.


:: External cleaning &
painting to windshield ::
:: Cleaning & painting to windshield ::
:: Silo waterproofing ::


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