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Demolition of Chimney for Repowering Project

Demolition - Cutting and removal of concrete windshield
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Demolition of Chimney for Repowering Project - Singapore

The Senoko Stage II Repowering Project was a groundbreaking initiative to revolutionise the Senoko Power Station in Singapore. With a focus on sustainability, the project set out to transform three oil-fired steam plants into two gas-fired combined cycle units, leading to a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Spearheaded by Senoko Power Ltd. (Senoko Power) and led by Hitachi Plant Technologies (Hitachi), the project represented a pivotal step towards a cleaner, more efficient energy future for Singapore.


The project faced several challenges, notably the need to conduct demolition works within a live power plant environment. Additionally, the demolition of the 181.4m chimney coincided with the demolition of the boiler, presenting logistical and safety challenges due to their proximity.

BEC's Approach

BEC devised a meticulous plan to address the unique challenges of the project, ensuring safe and efficient demolition while minimising disruption to ongoing operations within the power plant. The demolition team implemented specialised techniques and safety protocols to remove three internal steel liners, internal steel platforms, ladders, galleries, and all mechanical and electrical (M&E) items. It also included cutting and removing the entire reinforced concrete windshield, ensuring precision and adherence to project requirements.

The BEC Advantage

BEC successfully completed the chimney demolition works on schedule and without incident. The timely completion of the project ensured alignment with project deadlines and milestones, contributing to the overall success of the Senoko Stage II Repowering Project. Furthermore, BEC’s commitment to environmentally friendly demolition practices, including material recycling and the mitigation of air and noise pollution, underscores its dedication to sustainable and responsible construction practices.

The job was completed on schedule and the safety & quality aspects of the works they have performed could meet the requirements of the specification. BEC is highly recommended partner in chimney demolition works.

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September, 2010