Balanced Engineering & Construction


Corporate Social Responsibility

At BEC, our commitment to corporate social responsibility extends deep into our communities. We understand the importance of actively participating in initiatives that make a difference. Through our Charity Committee and the dedication of our staff, we have initiated various programs that reflect our pledge to give back to the community.

Fundraising with a Purpose

Our staff leads the charge by raising funds in-house for various charitable causes. What makes this even more remarkable is that for every dollar our employees raise, the company matches it dollar-for-dollar. This amplifies the impact of our collective efforts, allowing us to support more charities and causes that are close to our hearts.

Delivering Essentials

We firmly believe in direct action, and one way we do this is by collecting grocery items to deliver them directly to the less fortunate in the communities where we work. We want to ensure that those facing challenging circumstances have access to essential resources, helping them improve their quality of life.

Walking for a Cause

Our commitment to giving back goes beyond financial contributions. Our staff actively participates in charity walks, showing their dedication to various causes that impact our communities. This not only raises awareness but also contributes directly to the betterment of society.

Supporting Local Sports

We’re proud to sponsor the “Next Step Football Club,” an initiative that encourages youth engagement in sports. By supporting this football club, we aim to inspire young athletes and provide opportunities for personal growth and development.

Promoting Green Practices

BEC is dedicated to preserving the environment where we operate. We’ve adopted a series of green practices to minimise our carbon footprint. For instance, we’re gradually increasing the office air-conditioning temperature to reduce energy consumption. Additionally, we’re installing a shower at the office to encourage staff to cycle to work, promoting eco-friendly commuting. These steps reflect our commitment to conserving natural resources and protecting the environment, aligning with our broader sustainability efforts.

Together, with the dedication of our staff and the support of our company, we are creating a ripple effect of goodwill in the communities where we live and work. We are not just building infrastructure; we are building a better world.