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Demolition - Cutting and removal of concrete windshield

Demolition Services

In asset-intensive environments, safely demolishing towering and inaccessible concrete and steel structures presents a unique set of challenges. Factors such as explosive gas zones, nearby residential areas, and operational adjacent plant can complicate the process.

BEC harnesses its vast experience in specialised demolition to address these challenges head-on. With a profound understanding of diverse site conditions, we meticulously develop tailored methods, sequences, and procedures. Regardless of the environment’s complexities, BEC ensures safe and efficient structure demolition using an array of proven techniques. From diamond wire cutting to high-pressure water cutting, our approach guarantees minimal disruption and maximum safety.

Demolition Techniques

Ensuring environmental responsibility, BEC emphasises the proper handling, storage, transportation, and disposal of special waste. Our repertoire of demolition techniques includes:

  • Concrete crushing using hydraulic actuated nibblers
  • Diamond wire cutting
  • Diamond saw cutting
  • High-pressure water cutting

the bec advantage

By choosing BEC’s demolition services, clients can expect a seamless, safe, and expertly managed demolition process. Our specialised techniques and unwavering commitment to safety ensure that even the most challenging demolitions are conducted proficiently, meeting all requirements and exceeding expectations.