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Structural Engineering and Construction

At BEC, we seamlessly integrate engineering excellence with construction mastery. Our specialisation in design and build solutions caters specifically to the intricate demands of energy infrastructure assets pivotal to power generation, waste-to-energy initiatives, oil refining, and bulk material processing.

Our Specialisations

  • Silos – Crafted for ash, clinker, cement, wood pellets, and other biomass materials, our silos play a crucial role in fostering sustainable and carbon-neutral biomass power production.
  • Sulphur Pits – Essential for the oil refining process, our expertise ensures these pits are designed and constructed for maximum efficiency and safety.
  • Industrial Chimneys – Critical to controlling emissions, our chimneys stand tall, forged from concrete or steel. 
  • Gas Storage Tanks – Precision-engineered to store gases under varying pressures and temperatures.

We don’t just promise to deliver, we take complete ownership. From the inception of an idea to its final execution, BEC is your trusted partner. At our core, we strive for two things: delivering cost-effective solutions while upholding safety and quality.

Our engineering and draughting teams, adept with computer-aided design, bring global expertise, having worked extensively according to various international codes of practice.

For a closer look at our past projects and a testament to our excellence, we invite you to explore our case studies.

Design and Build Services

A continuous, 24/7 construction technique, slipform construction allows for rapid and precise construction of vertical structures. Our expertise guarantees seamless, high-quality results every time.

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Perfect for projects where continuous construction isn’t feasible, jumpform construction offers flexibility without compromising on precision. We bring specialised knowledge for optimal results.

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Combining durability with versatility, our steel chimneys are engineered for longevity. They stand as resilient structures tailored for specific operational demands.

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As essential components in oil refining, our sulphur pits are designed for efficiency and safety. Drawing from extensive experience, we ensure these pits meet the strictest industry standards.

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