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Design and Build 200 M High Chimney

Design and Build Emissions Control Chimney, Malaysia
Case study

Design and Build 200 M High Chimney, Malaysia

Malakoff Corporation, a leading energy company, secured a monumental design-build-operate contract for Malaysia’s prestigious Tanjung Bin 3 X 700MW coal-fired power plant. This billion-dollar venture marked a significant milestone as Malaysia’s first private coal-fired plant and the largest coal-fired independent power producer (IPP) in Southeast Asia. Zelan Holding Sdn Bhd played a pivotal role as the main contractor overseeing this groundbreaking project.


As the tallest structure in Johor, Malaysia, at the time, constructing the emissions control chimney required specialised expertise and engineering precision. Further complicating the project, the plant was strategically situated on reclaimed land, introducing complexities in construction, logistics and engineering considerations. Poor ground conditions further complicated the already ambitious project.

BEC's Approach

BEC played a crucial role in overcoming these challenges through a comprehensive design and build package for the 200 m high chimney. This encompassed a range of intricate tasks, including piling, pile cap construction, slipform methodology, heavy lifting of roof, floors, and flues, and the installation of essential internal components such as rack and pinion hoist, aircraft warning lights (AWLs), internal lighting, lightning conductor, and earthing systems. To fortify the internal face of the flues, BEC implemented the advanced Pennguard borosilicate block protection lining system.

The BEC Advantage

BEC’s dedication and expertise translated into the successful completion of the Tanjung Bin power plant emissions control chimney within an impressive 48 months and 16 days, meeting the project’s rigorous schedule. Despite the challenges posed by constructing the tallest structure in the region on reclaimed land with poor ground conditions, BEC’s innovative solutions ensured the project was not only delivered on schedule but also below budget. The Tanjung Bin power plant stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of Malakoff Corporation, Zelan Holding, and BEC in pushing the boundaries of clean and efficient energy generation in Southeast Asia.

This case study underscores BEC’s capability to deliver innovative solutions with precision and efficiency, ensuring the enhancement of VGI’s production capabilities and adherence to environmental standards.

Projects Details:

Tanjung Bin Power Sdn Bhd


Zelan Holding Sdn Bhd




April, 2006