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Rack and Pinion Hoist Inspection and Maintenance

Case Study

Rack and Pinion Hoist Inspection and Maintenance, Philippines

Therma Visayas, Inc. (TVI) enlisted the expertise of BEC to conduct thorough inspection and maintenance services for the rack and pinion hoist servicing its 150-meter-tall chimney at the TVI power station in the Philippines. The project’s primary objective was to ensure the safety and operational efficiency of the hoist system, thereby guaranteeing uninterrupted functionality.

Project Challenges

Access to Height: Working on a hoist for a 150-metre-tall chimney posed a significant challenge for the service team, requiring specialised equipment and safety protocols to safely access all areas of the hoist system.

Limited Space: The confined workspace around the rack and pinion hoist made it challenging for the service team to manoeuvre and conduct maintenance tasks effectively, necessitating careful planning and coordination of activities.

BEC's approach

BEC deployed a team of experienced technicians with expertise in rack and pinion hoist systems, enabling them to effectively identify and address issues within the complex hoist system. The team utilised specialised access equipment to facilitate the safe and thorough inspection and maintenance tasks, including safety brake replacement, cellular buffer replacement, preventive maintenance, and third-party inspection by DOLE-accredited inspectors. Each step was meticulously executed to ensure compliance with safety standards and optimal hoist performance.

The BEC Advantage

Following the inspection and maintenance services, TVI achieved a fully functional and safe rack and pinion hoist. The new safety brake installation ensured compliance with safety regulations, with a clear expiration timeline for future replacements. Recommendations for ongoing maintenance, such as avoiding overgreasing to prevent damage, were provided to prolong the hoist’s lifespan. Overall, the rack and pinion hoist were deemed to be in good condition, contributing to the safety and efficiency of TVI’s operations.

Projects Details:

Therma Visayas, Inc.


Therma Visayas, Inc.




November, 2022