Balanced Engineering & Construction

In a world where dedication knows no weather, BEC’s CEO Eddie Lloyd-Williams and his son Max epitomise the spirit of resilience. Rain or shine, they fearlessly embraced the elements to champion a noble cause, participating in another thrilling MacRitchie Challenge in support of Dementia Singapore.

Battling the elements with unwavering determination, Eddie and Max braved the torrential downpour around the scenic MacRitchie Reservoir, proving their mettle as true champions. Despite the rain’s best efforts, their infectious smiles illuminated the gloomy weather, inspiring everyone around them with their unwavering positivity.

Their participation in the MacRitchie Challenge not only symbolises their personal resilience but also serves as a beacon of hope for those affected by dementia. Spearheaded by Tom Platts, a dedicated advocate for the cause, the MacRitchie Challenge aims to raise crucial funds for Dementia Singapore, a vital organisation specialising in providing comprehensive care, support, and advocacy for individuals impacted by dementia.

BEC proudly stands behind Eddie, Max, and Tom in their quest to champion resilience, compassion, and hope for those affected by dementia

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