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Construction of Dual-Wall Cement Silo

cement silo construction, Philippines

Case Study

Construction of Dual-Wall Cement Silo, Philippines

The Iligan Cement Mills Silo Project was a crucial component of Republic Cement Iligan’s broader investment initiatives. The goal was to bolster clinker and cement capacity across various plants, ensuring a consistent and substantial supply of construction materials vital for national development.

Project Challenges

Simultaneous Slip-forming: Managing the concurrent slip-forming of dual walls demanded meticulous planning and execution to ensure precision and structural integrity.

Reinforced Concrete Cone Construction: Constructing the reinforced concrete cone posed challenges that required advanced engineering expertise and skilful craftsmanship.

Tight Timeline: The project timeline was stringent, necessitating efficient project management and streamlined processes to meet deadlines without compromising quality.

BEC's approach

Republic Cement awarded BEC the construction contract for a dual-wall silo with an outer diameter of 20.7 m and a height of 52.575 m.  The scope encompassed intricate tasks such as concurrent slip-forming of external and internal walls, construction of the inner cone and slab, and the precise installation of roof beams. Additionally, the team skilfully managed the construction of the concrete roof.

The BEC Advantage

BEC’s adept handling of the project resulted in the successful construction of a robust dual-cell silo, enhancing Republic Cement Iligan’s production capabilities. The project contributes significantly to the ‘Build, Build, Build’ initiative, promoting national progress and economic development.

This case study exemplifies BEC’s commitment to executing complex projects, overcoming challenges, and playing a pivotal role in the growth and infrastructure development of the Philippines.

BEC demonstrated high standards of safety, construction and quality management. It is my pleasure to recommend BEC for construction projects where high safety standards, challenging schedule and good quality of workmanship are expected.

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October, 2019