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Construction Management of Ventilation Shaft Slipforming

Construction of ventilation shaft

Case Study

Construction Management of Ventilation Shaft Slipforming

BEC undertook the monumental task of managing the construction of the Ho Man Tin ventilation shaft in Hong Kong. This 76-meter-high shaft serves as a vital component for the ventilation and utility route of the Central Kowloon Route tunnel, spanning approximately 2.8 kilometres with dual 3-lane functionality.

Project Challenges

The Ho Man Tin ventilation shaft presented several formidable challenges. Firstly, the project involved working below ground level, demanding precise construction solutions to ensure structural integrity and safety of workers. Additionally, the confined space within the shaft posed safety and logistical hurdles, requiring meticulous planning and execution to manoeuvre equipment and personnel effectively.

BEC's approach

BEC leveraged its expertise in slipform construction techniques to overcome the project’s challenges. By supplying comprehensive management and supervision, BEC managed the construction of the 20.0-meter outer diameter by 76.0-meter-high concrete shaft wall with increased productivity. Innovative approaches were employed for constructing internal walls, beams, corbels, slabs, staircase, and backfilling, utilising low-strength pumpable concrete to meet project specifications

The BEC Advantage

BEC successfully completed the Ho Man Tin Ventilation Shaft project, dramatically improving site productivity and saving our client time and cost. The project showcased our expertise in slipforming large vertical structures. The seamless coordination of slipform techniques with traditional and precast methods ensured the timely and precise delivery of the project, meeting the highest standards of quality and safety. BEC’s successful execution of the project reaffirms its position as a premier provider of engineering and construction solutions for complex infrastructure projects worldwide.

We have reached a crucial milestone in the project, and your contributions have been instrumental in achieving this success. We sincerely thank you for your commitment to the operation and you dedication to working as one cohesive team. We truly appreciate the excellent working relationship we have developed with Balanced Engineering & Construction, and we look forward to the possibility of collaborating again in the future.

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