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Construction of Twin-Flue Steel-Framed Chimney

construction of twin-flue steel frame chimney
Case study

Construction of Twin-Flue Steel-Framed Chimney, Philippines

In a testament to engineering prowess, BEC played a pivotal role in the expansion of Petron Bataan Refinery in the Philippines. As part of the construction of 2 x 200 CFB (circulating fluidised bed) boilers by Formosa Heavy Industries Corp., BEC undertook the turnkey construction of a twin-flue steel-framed chimney for a 2 x 200 t/h x 35 MW power station. The entire structure was meticulously designed and fabricated in-house by BEC in Singapore and shipped to the site.


Amidst the tower erection and liner installation, BEC faced the formidable force of two typhoons (Nesat and Nalgae) and unusually high rainfall from July to September.

BEC's Approach

BEC’s scope included the design and construction of the 70 m high steel frame chimney, encompassing the supply and fabrication of the steelwork frame and flues. This involved the intricate process of erection, heavy lifting of flues, installation of aviation warning lights, lighting, lightning conductors, and earthing works. Despite the adversities, BEC’s commitment to excellence prevailed, ensuring the project’s timely completion and handover.

The BEC Advantage

The successful completion of the Petron Bataan Refinery expansion is a testament to BEC’s resilience and adaptability in adverse conditions. The twin-flue steel-framed chimney now contributes to the efficient operation of the two state-of-the-art circulating fluidised bed boilers. This cutting-edge technology allows Petron to power the refinery independently from the Luzon grid, marking a significant stride in sustainability and self-sufficiency.

The chimney was designed and constructed in accordance to International Standards and complied with International Quality Systems. The job was completed on schedule and the safety and quality aspects of the works they have performed could meet the requirements of the specifications. We would recommend BEC to any progressive clients.

Formosa Heavy Industries Corporation
Projects Details:

Petron Bataan Refinery


Formosa Heavy Industries Corporation




November, 2011