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Design and Build of Emissions Control Chimney

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Design and Build Emissions Control Chimney, Cambodia

As Cambodia’s demand for electricity grows, the government’s push to enhance Cambodia Energy Limited’s (CEL) Sihanoukville Power Plant is crucial. A Leader Universal Holdings subsidiary, the 150MW CEL II Sihanoukville Power Plant represents a significant advancement in Cambodia’s energy sector. Equipped with GE’s ultra-supercritical steam plant technology, SteamH, and powered by Predix digital power plant software, the plant aims for efficiency and emission reduction. Led by Toshiba Plant Systems and Services Corporation (TPSC) as the principal EPC contractor, this initiative, part of an Independent Power Producer (IPP) project, highlights CEL’s commitment to meeting Cambodia’s growing energy needs for the next three decades.


The project encountered several hurdles, notably the remote location of the construction site, necessitating the importation of all materials and equipment. Additionally, the limited space posed logistical challenges, complicating the execution of construction activities. Moreover, this marked BEC’s inaugural project in Cambodia, adding a layer of complexity to the endeavour.

BEC's Approach

BEC swiftly formulated a comprehensive strategy to address the project’s complexities, leveraging our expertise in design and construction. Adopting a tailored approach, we meticulously executed the construction of a 3.90m internal diameter flue liner, incorporating advanced slipform techniques for seamless execution. Our team managed the heavy lifting of roofs, floors, and flues, ensuring structural integrity and adherence to stringent safety standards. Additionally, we oversaw the installation of insulation, as well as essential safety features such as aircraft warning lights (AWLs), internal lighting, lightning conductors, and earthing systems. The application of external windshield painting and deployment of internal rack and pinion hoists further underscored BEC’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

The BEC Advantage

Despite the challenges, BEC successfully delivered the design and build package for the chimney, marking a triumph in Cambodia’s dynamic energy sector. The completion of this critical infrastructure not only enhances CEL II’s operational efficiency but also contributes to Cambodia’s sustainable energy transition. BEC’s debut project in Cambodia sets a precedent for future collaborations, underscoring its capability to thrive in diverse and challenging environments.

... their quality of work produced (by BEC) is excellent and professional. Our company is always extremely satisfied with the work that Balance Engineering & Construction (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd has delivered.

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January, 2019