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Design and Build of Steel Stack

Case Study

Design and Build of Self-supported Steel Stack

GP1 Pte Ltd (GP1) embarked on the construction of a waste oil treatment plant in Singapore, featuring two furnaces connected to a wet scrubber and subsequently linked to a self-supported steel stack. The proposed 23m self-supported steel stack, with an inner diameter of 200mm, was a key component of the plant’s infrastructure. This stack comprised an outer resistant metallic pipe with a circular section, housing a flue heat-insulated using high-density Rockwool (100kg/m3) and supported by low thermal bridge elements.

Project Challenges

The construction site presented a challenge due to its limited working area, requiring meticulous planning and execution to ensure efficient completion of the project.

BEC's approach

Through careful coordination and strategic scheduling, BEC optimised the use of available space, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations while maintaining a focus on safety and efficiency.

BEC’s scope of work encompassed the permanent design, fabrication, supply, and erection of the 23m high self-supported steel stack with a single steel flue (200mm ID), including the anchors, cage ladder, and platform.

The BEC Advantage

BEC successfully completed the design, fabrication, and erection of the steel stack within the stipulated timeframe. The newly constructed stack provided GP1 with a reliable and efficient solution for managing flue gases, ensuring the seamless operation of the waste oil treatment plant. BEC’s expertise and commitment to excellence were instrumental in delivering a high-quality structure that met the project requirements and exceeded client expectations.

Projects Details:

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April, 2022