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Design and Build of Emissions Control Chimney

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Design and Build Emissions Control Chimney, Philippines

Taganito HPAL Nickel Corporation embarked on a transformative venture, the construction of a 300T/H X 82 MW coal-fired power plant in the remote Surigao Del Norte, Philippines. As a significant player in the hydrometallurgical domain, this project employed High-Pressure Acid Leach (HPAL) technology, a cutting-edge process designed to recover nickel and cobalt from low-grade nickel oxide ore. Formosa Heavy Industries assumed the pivotal role of the main engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor for this ambitious undertaking, assigning BEC as the chimney EPC contractor.


The Taganito Project faced distinctive challenges, primarily stemming from its remote location in Mindanao. The geographical isolation necessitated the importation of all materials and equipment required for the construction, adding logistical complexities to an already intricate project. Operating in Mindanao, known for its unique set of conditions, further presented challenges that demanded a strategic and adaptive approach.

BEC's Approach

BEC took on the design and build responsibilities for the 100 m high chimney, employing a comprehensive strategy to address the challenges. The scope included piling, pile cap construction, slipform methodology, and the intricate tasks of heavy lifting for roof, floors, and flues. BEC orchestrated the installation of internal components such as rack and pinion hoist, aircraft warning lights (AWLs), internal lighting, lightning conductors, and earthing systems, ensuring the chimney’s structural integrity and operational functionality.

The BEC Advantage

BEC’s involvement played a vital role in the successful realisation of the Taganito Project. Despite the logistical hurdles imposed by the remote location, BEC’s innovative solutions and meticulous execution ensured the on-time completion of the chimney construction. The Taganito coal-fired power plant is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Taganito HPAL Nickel Corporation, Formosa Heavy Industries, and BEC in pioneering advanced technologies for sustainable nickel and cobalt recovery. The project not only met its technical objectives but also underscored the adaptability and resilience of the team in navigating complex project environments.

All works have been completed in accordance with project specifications and approved drawings.

Formosa Heavy Industries
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July, 2012