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Flare Stack Maintenance

Case Study

Flare Stack Maintenance, Thailand

In response to a major plant shutdown at IRPC’s refinery and petrochemical plant in Rayong, Thailand, BEC assumed the critical role of the TFTL flare stack overall. This comprehensive project involved a thorough inspection, maintenance, and replacement of key components to ensure the plant’s optimal performance.

Project Challenges

The IRPC project posed substantial challenges, including a tight 18-day outage period. This constraint demanded meticulous planning and execution to accomplish a comprehensive flare overhaul within the allotted timeframe. Moreover, seamless coordination with plant operations was imperative to avoid disruptions or delays in restarting the plant, emphasising the need for precise scheduling and execution.

Adding complexity to the endeavour was the procurement and delivery of materials, which was significantly hampered by flooding in Thailand during the project timeline. Overcoming these logistical challenges required adaptive strategies and swift responses to ensure the uninterrupted flow of materials and resources.

BEC's approach

BEC devised a detailed schedule that optimised every phase of the project, ensuring that each task was efficiently executed within the constrained timeframe. Coordination with plant operations was prioritised to mitigate unforeseen issues that could disrupt the project schedule.

The critical components, including flare burners, pilot burners, absorbers, steam lines, and structural elements, underwent meticulous inspection, repair, and replacement as necessary. The 6 + 8 steam lines were repaired and re-insulated, Mx lines were flushed and repaired, drum cleaning was executed, mol seals were replaced, and structural bolts and expansion bellows were changed out.

In the face of flooding, adaptive logistics required alternative supply routes, expedited procurement processes, and close collaboration with suppliers to ensure timely material deliveries.

The BEC Advantage

BEC successfully executed the project within the tight outage window. The coordination with plant operations was seamlessly managed, and the procurement challenges were adeptly navigated, ensuring a timely and efficient supply chain. The successful completion of the TFLT flare overall project showcased BEC’s commitment to excellence in complex and time-sensitive industrial endeavours, contributing to the continued operational efficiency of IRPC’s plant in Rayong, Thailand.

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January, 2012