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Sulphur Storage Pit Modifications

Case study

Sulphur Storage Pit Modifications, Singapore

BEC demonstrated unparalleled expertise and embarked on a transformative project for the Singapore Refining Company. The ambitious endeavour centred around comprehensive modifications to the existing infrastructure, specifically focusing on the unit 4 sulphur storage pit.

The civil and refractory work unfolded as a meticulous process during the turnaround in March 2022. BEC took charge of designing and seamlessly installing a new pit cover, along with the intricacies of internal linings. This project epitomises BEC’s commitment to excellence, showcasing its ability to enhance critical industrial facilities with precision and innovation.


The project encountered challenges due to inclement weather, restricted working areas, and the complexity of working within a live refinery.

BEC's Approach

BEC secured the contract to execute the comprehensive redesign and construction of the existing sulphur pit, encompassing a range of tasks such as engineering services, demolition, refractory works with APQ test, cleaning, repairs, extensive hacking of the existing brick floor, modifications and more.  Notably, BEC designed and installed a new sulphur pit cover, demonstrating engineering expertise.

The BEC Advantage

Despite challenges, BEC successfully delivered comprehensive modifications to the sulphur pit, enhancing its structural integrity and functionality. The project showcased BEC’s ability to navigate intricate refinery environments and implement complex engineering solutions.

Projects Details:

Singapore Refining Company


Singapore Refining Company




April, 2022