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Dedication to Safety Excellence at Masinloc Power Plant Expansion Project

At BEC, safety excellence is our cornerstone, and it’s with great pride that we recognise individuals like John Ray Ermita for their exceptional dedication to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment. As a skilled rigger at the Masinloc Power Plant Expansion project in the Philippines, John plays a crucial role in upholding safety standards and ensuring the success of our endeavours.

Masinloc Power Plant Expansion Project

Our team at Masinloc Power Plant is hard at work constructing a monumental 150-meter-high environmental compliance chimney. In this exciting phase of the project, activities such as windshield sliding and concrete roof slab work are in full swing, all executed with meticulous care and adherence to safety measures.

Certificate of Appreciation Awarded to John Ray Ermita

In acknowledgement of John’s exemplary commitment to safety excellence, True North has honoured him with a Certificate of Appreciation. This prestigious accolade is reserved for individuals who consistently surpass expectations in upholding safety standards, highlighting John’s tireless efforts to foster a positive safety culture on-site and his unwavering dedication to the highest safety protocols.

Congratulations, John Ray Ermita, on this well-deserved recognition! Your dedication to safety sets a shining example for all, and we are proud to have you as part of our team. Let’s continue to champion safety together and make a lasting impact on the Masinloc Power Plant Expansion project.

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