Balanced Engineering & Construction

Reinforced Concrete Chimneys

Environmental Compliance Chimneys

Power generation, oil and gas refining, and heavy manufacturing industries rely on reinforced concrete chimneys for venting emissions and gases safely into the atmosphere. Designing and building these critical infrastructure components requires specialised knowledge, engineering expertise, and stringent adherence to safety and regulatory standards.

As a leader in reinforced concrete chimneys, BEC stands out as a beacon of expertise. From initial design and engineering to construction, maintenance and repairs, we offer comprehensive services to meet our clients’ needs. Driven by innovation and a commitment to excellence, we focus on finding the most effective and efficient solutions. Our innovative approach combines cutting-edge technology with proven construction methods to deliver durable, high-quality chimneys that stand the test of time. 

Comprehensive Chimney Solutions

  • Front-end engineering and design
  • Engineering, procurement, construction (EPC)
  • Slipform and jump form construction techniques
  • Internal flues
  • Installation of pile caps
  • Heavy lifting 
  • Erection of external galleries
  • Linings, refractory and insulation
  • External windshields
  • Rack and pinion hoists
  • Aircraft warning lights (AWLs)
  • Internal lighting systems
  • Lightning conductors
  • Earthing systems
  • Inspections, including on-line drone inspections
  • Integrity studies
  • Maintenance, repairs and cleaning

the bec advantage

With BEC’s meticulous attention to detail, commitment to safety, and focus on quality, our chimneys are built to last, withstand harsh environmental conditions, and operate efficiently for years to come. Moreover, our ongoing services include inspection, maintenance, and repairs to ensure chimneys remain in optimal condition throughout their lifecycle. With our expertise and dedication, you can trust us to deliver exceptional value and exceed your expectations at every step of the process.