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Flare Stack Works


Flare Stack Maintenance and Repairs

Flare stacks, pivotal in processing and safely burning off flammable gas released by pressure relief valves, often require meticulous maintenance and repairs. Ensuring flare stack maintenance schedules align with operational demands can be a significant challenge, especially considering the high stakes associated with delivering consistent functionality.

BEC’s maintenance and repair solution for all flare stacks ensures that upkeep is conveniently integrated with shutdown schedules, guaranteeing minimal disruptions. Our approach isn’t just about addressing immediate concerns; we introduce innovative solutions designed to curtail shutdown times dramatically.  

Services Offered Include
  • Greasing and inspection of the guy ropes
  • Tension checks
  • Tension meter installation on guy ropes
  • Removal and replacement of flare tips using crane or winching systems
  • Flare tip replacement
  • Ignitor and thermocouple replacement
  • Insulation and cladding replacement to risers
Ensure every aspect of the flare stack is thoroughly inspected, maintained and optimised for the best performance with BEC’s comprehensive flare stack works.

the bec advantage

Clients engaging with BEC’s flare stack solutions can anticipate a seamless experience that prioritises both operational efficiency and the integrity of flare stacks. Our innovative approach reduces downtime and ensures that the flare stacks operate at optimal capacity, safeguarding both assets and operations. With BEC, flare stack maintenance is no longer an operational hurdle but a benchmark of efficiency and excellence.