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Integrity Studies

integrity studies

Integrity Studies

For any energy infrastructure asset, understanding the current state of its structural integrity, performance, and potential areas of concern is paramount. As systems age or face environmental and operational stressors, comprehensive, detailed, and accurate integrity studies become increasingly important to prevent unforeseen shutdowns, hazards, or inefficiencies.

BEC offers a comprehensive suite of services under its integrity studies portfolio. Harnessing the latest technological advancements, BEC can conduct both on and off-line inspections using high-resolution digital video and still photography. BEC has demonstrated capability and experience in on-line thermal photography assessments, providing a deeper understanding of structural behaviours under different conditions.

BEC also leverages in situ and laboratory testing to complement visual surveys. This multi-faceted approach ensures that every element of the structure, both seen and unseen, is thoroughly evaluated. Post-evaluation, BEC synthesises this data into detailed condition reports that serve as a roadmap for future shutdown works, ensuring that asset management is both proactive and data-driven.

Comprehensive Solutions

  • On-line thermal photography
  • UT testing
  • Internal crack repairs (both before and after imagery)
  • Abseil access inspection
  • Preparation for dye penetration test
  • Liner thickness testing
  • NDT testing & inspection
  • Detailed inspection reports for asset management

the bec advantage

Clients leveraging BEC’s integrity studies can anticipate a holistic understanding of their infrastructure’s state. The depth and breadth of the evaluations ensure that no stone is left unturned, every potential concern is flagged, and actionable insights are provided. This comprehensive approach boosts confidence in the current operational status of assets and paves the way for efficient, data-informed future planning. With BEC, asset management is proactive, precise, and aligned with the highest standards of industrial excellence.