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Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

inspection maintenance and repair of emissions control chimney

Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

Maintaining the integrity and functionality of energy infrastructure assets like chimneys, tanks, and silos is critical. Over time, these structures are subjected to environmental stresses, wear, and other factors that can compromise their safety and efficiency. Periodic inspection, proactive maintenance, and timely repairs are essential to ensure longevity and safe operation.

At BEC, our expertise goes beyond designing and constructing vertical structures — we deeply understand their nuances and intricacies positioning us as the foremost authority in maintaining them.

BEC provides comprehensive inspection, maintenance, and repair packages tailored specifically for chimneys, tanks, and silo structures. We handle everything from detailed planning, front-end engineering and design (FEED), inspection and supervision to supplying the necessary labour and equipment.

Comprehensive Services Offered:

  • Internal and external inspections of various flue lining systems.
  • Concrete windshield cleaning, painting, and repair.
  • Steel liner inspections and maintenance.
  • High-pressure water blasting of steel and concrete surfaces
  • Internal pipe cleaning
  • Specialised services such as ultrasonic thickness measurement, carbon fibre wrapping for concrete windshield repairs, design checks, internal lining crack repair, and more.

Designed to minimise shutdown times, our solutions ensure continuity in your operations. We employ the latest techniques for accurate assessments, from ultrasonic thickness measurement testing for steel liners to rebound hammer testing for concrete strength. 

the bec advantage

With BEC’s inspection, maintenance, and repair services, clients benefit from the enhanced longevity of their structures, safeguarded by our proactive approach. Our regular inspections and timely repairs not only guarantee the safety of the structure and its surroundings but also enhance operational efficiency by swiftly addressing potential issues, ensuring minimal disruptions. Moreover, by averting major breakdowns and utilising cost-effective repair solutions, we drive significant long-term savings for our clients.

Trust BEC for unparalleled quality and expertise in industrial inspection, maintenance, and repair.