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Heavy Lifting

Heavy Lifting Services

Construction of intricate industrial structures like chimneys, tanks, and silos often requires lifting substantial steel elements, including flue liners and internal steel floors. These elements, given their immense weight and the precision required in their placement, pose significant challenges in terms of equipment capability, safety, and expertise.

Harnessing decades of experience and specialised equipment, BEC stands at the forefront of heavy lifting operations.  Our heavy-lifting equipment plays a pivotal role in chimney, tank and silo construction. Whether it’s roofs, internal steel floors, or steel liners, our hydraulically actuated heavy lift system can handle it.

Our team has successfully completed many heavy-lifting operations across Asia. Notably, the lifting of three 310-ton A36 steel liners, which were lined with Borosilicate glass blocks, from the top of a 200-meter-high chimney in Malaysia.

Heavy Lifting Techniques

  • Strand Jack Technology: BEC has revolutionised lifting systems with its innovative asymmetric lifting system, which results from extensive research and development.  Customised strand jacks are central to our advanced heavy-lifting capabilities and engineered for seamless structural steelwork elevation. With each jack featuring a remarkable 12-tonne rated capacity, our solution provides unparalleled flexibility, deploying four to forty jacks tailored precisely to the load’s specific weight.
  • Integrated Lifting System: Our heavy lift jacks are seamlessly integrated with load equalisers, blocking heads, and steel ropes, ensuring that objects are securely attached and lifted to their designated levels with utmost precision.

the bec advantage

Clients choose BEC’s heavy-lifting services to invest in unparalleled expertise, cutting-edge technology, and safety. Our adeptness in handling intricate and substantial lifting operations ensures the seamless construction of robust industrial structures and the transformative capability to retrofit and enhance existing installations. With BEC, every lift is a testament to engineering precision, operational safety, and innovative solutions.