Balanced Engineering & Construction

Steel Structures

Managing Exhaust Gases, Emissions and Heat

Industrial facilities, such as power plants, oil and gas refineries, and heavy manufacturing plants, require efficient and safe management of exhaust gases, emissions, and heat generated during operations. Inadequate or poorly constructed chimneys can lead to environmental non-compliance, safety hazards, and operational inefficiencies.

BEC offers expertise and experience in designing and constructing chimneys that meet stringent industry standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance and optimal performance. Tailoring solutions to suit specific needs, we optimise efficiency and longevity while prioritising quality control measures to deliver durable and reliable chimneys. Moreover, BEC prioritises safety, implementing rigorous protocols to protect workers and the environment, and provides expert project management capabilities to oversee timely and cost-effective completion.

the bec advantage

By prioritising safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness in our design and build of steel and steel-framed chimneys, we have consistently delivered reliable and efficient industrial structures that meet the unique needs of our clients. Our use of advanced CAD technologies and adherence to international codes of practice ensure that our steel frame chimneys are structurally sound, environmentally compliant, and optimised for long-term performance and durability. With BEC as your trusted partner, you can rely on us to deliver innovative solutions that enhance your industrial infrastructure and drive operational success.