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Jumpform Construction

Jumpform Construction

Constructing vertical structures often comes with its set of unique challenges, especially when site-specific restrictions limit working hours. While efficient, the more continuous slipform method might not always fit the bill due to these constraints, necessitating alternative, equally effective approaches for projects such as chimney windshields, silos, and gas storage tanks.

Versatile, Seamless Construction

BEC integrates the use of conventional jumpform equipment into its repertoire of construction techniques. Here’s why our jumpform construction stands out:

  • Tailored for Restricted Hours: Unlike the continuous nature of slipform construction, jumpform allows for segmented progress, making it ideal for sites with limited working hours.
  • Versatile Applications: BEC’s proficiency extends to constructing a variety of tall structures using jumpform, from chimney windshields and silos to the intricacies of LNG tanks.
  • Safety and Precision: Jumpform construction provides a stable platform to work from, enhancing safety measures while ensuring precision in concrete placement and reinforcement.
  • Adaptable to Complex Designs: Jumpform is adaptable to changing geometries, allowing for the seamless construction of structures with variations in their design as they ascend.

The BEC advantage

Opting for BEC’s jumpform construction services promises adaptability, safety, and impeccable quality. Designed to accommodate construction restrictions without sacrificing efficiency, our jumpform technique is the answer to the challenges posed by specific site constraints. With BEC at the helm, clients can anticipate structures that are robust and resilient and resonate with engineering brilliance, regardless of the working hour limitations.